toss around

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1. To send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm:
Informal: fire.
2. To move vigorously from side to side or up and down:
3. To swing about or strike at wildly:
4. To twist and turn, as in pain, struggle, or embarrassment:
5. To impair or destroy the composure of:
Informal: rattle.
6. To throw (a coin) in order to decide something:
Idiom: call heads or tails.
phrasal verb
toss around
To speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about:
bandy (about), discuss, moot, talk over, thrash out (or over), thresh out (or over).
Informal: hash (over), kick around, knock about (or around).
Slang: rap.
phrasal verb
toss down or off
Informal. To take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid):
Informal: swig.
Slang: belt.
An act of throwing:
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References in classic literature ?
The coop did not toss around any more, but rode the waves more gently--almost like a cradle rocking--so that the floor upon which Dorothy stood was no longer swept by water coming through the slats.
Toss around in the hot oil for 1 min, then stir through the creme fraiche mixture.
It's nice to toss around impressive names--Shakespeare, Plato, Jung,
There has to be a platform where the youth of the world can congregate to toss around ideas seminal to their lifestyles and aspirations, said the minister, noting that numerous countries have shown apathy regarding youth issues, despite the ringing of alarm bells by the UN for many years, urging all countries to address problems of their youths.
No one has money to toss around in the current climate, and that includes the BBC who made loyal staff redundant whilst this digital fiasco was racking up huge costs.
Be willing to admit that you don't know what the answer is and invite your team to toss around ideas.
It is exactly the chair you would expect to see in a very particular office-one of those cutting-edge, Google-esque tech companies with modern furniture, bright colors and an open layout where employees are constantly swiveling and twisting to toss around ideas and, if the cliches are right, to toss around a Nerf ball.
On the eve of the 2009 Outgames in Copenhagen (July 25-August 2), we've pulled together some handy anecdotes for even the most gymphobic to toss around during pre-event cocktails (stretch first to keep that drinking arm limber).
As explained by diplomats, it was mainly a bull session to toss around ideas with the Obama Administration and not a decision-making conference.
They also toss around the much-debated nature of grammaticalization.
But one day they began to toss around ideas about how they could help other people with the same problem.
"Customer satisfaction is a popular phrase to toss around. But how many companies care enough to actually measure it every year ...