toss up

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toss up

vb (adverb)
1. to spin (a coin) in the air in order to decide between alternatives by guessing which side will fall uppermost
2. (Cookery) (tr) to prepare (food) quickly
3. an instance of tossing up a coin
4. informal an even chance or risk; gamble
يَقْذِف قِطْعَة نُقود لِيُقَرِّر
hodit si
det at slå plat eller krone
kasta upp á e-î, varpa hlutkesti
yazı tura atmak

w>toss up

viknobeln (for um)
vt sepwerfen; to toss something up (into the air)etw hochwerfen, etw in die Luft werfen


(tos) verb
1. to throw into or through the air. She tossed the ball up into the air.
2. (often with about) to throw oneself restlessly from side to side. She tossed about all night, unable to sleep.
3. (of a ship) to be thrown about. The boat tossed wildly in the rough sea.
4. to throw (a coin) into the air and decide a matter according to (a correct guess about) which side falls uppermost. They tossed a coin to decide which of them should go first.
an act of tossing.
toss up
to toss a coin to decide a matter. We tossed up (to decide) whether to go to the play or the ballet.
win/lose the toss
to guess rightly or wrongly which side of the coin will fall uppermost. He won the toss so he started the game.
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That hurt soybean powerhouse states like Illinois, Kansas and Minnesota, which are all toss ups in the November House races.