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 (tôs′pŏt′, tŏs′-)
A drunkard.
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1. archaic or literary a habitual drinker
2. slang Brit a stupid or contemptible person
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(ˈtɔsˌpɒt, ˈtɒs-)

a tippler; drunkard.
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(sl) = tosser
(old inf, = drunkard) → Säufer(in) m(f) (inf)
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To see her for a minute--for but a minute--to find her going out to a party and glad to go; to be looked upon as a common pipe- smoker, beer-bibber, spirit-guzzler, and tosspot! He bade farewell to his friend the locksmith, and hastened to take horse at the Black Lion, thinking as he turned towards home, as many another Joe has thought before and since, that here was an end to all his hopes--that the thing was impossible and never could be--that she didn't care for him--that he was wretched for life--and that the only congenial prospect left him, was to go for a soldier or a sailor, and get some obliging enemy to knock his brains out as soon as possible.
I thought the PM lost her last shred of credibility earlier by telling MPs they were all tosspots.
The historian Khafi Khan was to write: 'Qazis turned tosspots and Muftis became tipplers.'
Frankly they're "Complete tosspots?" committing an offence." Oh, that too.
Directed by Carrie Yanagawa and starring several of Anchorage's best actors, Good Men Wanted will be the TossPots' second fully staged production.
He has previously used his Sun column to brand Scots as "Tartan Tosspots".
Once the idea of the artist as bohemian had solidified in the mid 19th century, a large number of artists emerged who truly were tosspots. An article in the British Journal of Addiction in 1954 pictured a hideous drunken composite: 'the late 19th-century Bohemian monster, the aristocratic dwarf who cut off his ear and lived on a South Sea Island'.
Yes, it would be nice if football's perennial tosspots started to realise that they don't need to dive and swear at refs and act arrogantly.
A lifelong United fan, Warnock replied: "As long as the whole of my salary was paid within 28 days, I would buy so many tosspots - although, come to think of it, their current squad would do - and *** 'em up so badly.
Never mind that when coupled with leg warmers, frilly shirts andeyemake-up theymade those sporting sucha look appear total tosspots - they actually went against nature.
The trouble with the FA is that it has had too many tosspots running the show down the years.