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 (tôs′ŭp′, tŏs′-)
n. Informal
1. An even chance or choice: It is a tossup whether we will win or lose.
2. The flipping of a coin to decide an issue.


(ˈtɔsˌʌp, ˈtɒs-)

1. the tossing of a coin to decide something by its fall.
2. an even choice or chance.
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Noun1.tossup - an unpredictable phenomenontossup - an unpredictable phenomenon; "it's a toss-up whether he will win or lose"
fortune, hazard, luck, chance - an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another; "bad luck caused his downfall"; "we ran into each other by pure chance"
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In many ways, this race is a tossup. She and her opponent, City Clerk Wendy Morgan-Adams are fairly close in their views on the major issues.
Another 76 votes remain a "tossup," the map showed.
It's considered a tossup. The state went 47% for Romney.
11 -- (BNA)-- The tossup for the 8th West Asian Soccer Championship resulted in allotting the Bahraini soccer team to the second and fiercest group of competitors alongside with Oman and Iraq.
He said that the only tossup will be for Best Supporting Actor, with Tommy Lee Jones slightly favoured over Christoph Waltz at 7:5 (as Waltz won it in 2009).
What are "tossup states" (also known as "battleground" or "swing" states), and how are the characters physically affected by living in one?
It was a tossup whether she and Mark went to Italy or Sardinia.
It's a tossup between playing kick-the-can and my favourite Barbies.
OK, WITHOUT REPEATING WHAT women have endlessly said about the tossup between chocolate and sex, let's just admit it: Women--nay, lesbians--love chocolate.
The 21-year-old England international will shake hands with Vieira at the St James' Park tossup, then try to eclipse a man whose career he has followed closely.
"In terms of fatal attacks, it's a tossup between the great white, the tiger, and the bull shark," Hueter says.
James Burns has his sights set on Irish 1,000 Guineas glory with Tossup next Saturday - and can get his week off to a flying start by landing the opener on today's Naas card.