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 (tō-stō′nĕs, -nāz)
Fried plantains.

[American Spanish, pl. of tostón, fried slice of plantain, from Spanish, something toasted, crouton, from tostar, to toast, from Old Spanish, from Vulgar Latin tostāre; see toast.]
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One of my friends had mushroom flowers, served with a sweet chilli sauce (I thought it was more chilli than sweet), and another had tostones, which are plantain, that came with guacamole and a chili sauce (real chili, this time.
Jamaican jerk Cornish hen: Grilled Cornish hen with a Jamaican jerk marinade that has the perfect balance of heat, sweet and savory, served with a fresh mango salsa, deep-fried brussels sprouts topped with crunchy bacon, and crispy sweet potato tostones
Daisy Jackson enjoyed their speciality Cubano sandwiches ('a joy-fully messy eat'), gouda and spring onion croquettas, and sweet potato and yuza doughnuts - but was less impressed by the tostones (fried plantain) and aroz frito (Cuban fried rice).
The daughter of immigrants, Zory is using the recipes that her mother passed on and will offer savory empanadas, tostones, flan and a dessert empanada filled with the traditional guava and goat cheese.<br />Transition from nurse to entrepreneur <br />After years as a nurse, Zory wanted a change and set her mind on this food truck endeavor.
Prometole al bien venido, para que tostones masque la quijada de Sanson y las verdades de un sastre.
As the sun sets and Juan prepares a light Puerto Rican meal of tostones 6 twice-fried plantains 6 his sincerity toward both his culture and his faith cannot be challenged.
They live in a world where platanutres are banana chips, mofongo will become "banamatzo balls," and there will be sandwiches of chili con carne and tostones.
As the name indicates, the menu is oriented around the tropics, with Caribbean-style ribs ($8.19-$9.99), Cuban pork ($5.79-$7.49), chicken marinated in citrus ($3.79-$5.59) and sides like yuca both fried and boiled, sweet plantains, tostones and more.
In one of her moments, she saw the swimming fish screen saver and thought they were sharks coming at her and threw a plate of tostones at it.