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An analysis of medicare payment policy for total joint arthroplasty.
For many people, total joint arthroplasty, or TJA, offers the hope of an improved quality of life.
Cost comparison between bilateral simultaneous, staged, and unilateral total joint arthroplasty.
A study conducted at the San Antonio Military Medical Center, spearheaded by Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) joint replacement surgeon Tad Gerlinger, MD, explored the likelihood of soldiers returning to duty following total joint arthroplasty surgery.
14) An increased incidence of postoperative infection has been observed in total joint arthroplasty patients who have received ABT, compared to those who received autologous blood transfusions.
Information regarding RA disease course, RA medications, previous total joint arthroplasty, previous periprosthetic joint infections, and microbiological data were collected.
In a study by Labuda and coworkers, the prevalence of osteoporosis in osteoarthritic patients who underwent total joint arthroplasty was equal to the general age matched population.
They suggest instead that the long-term trends for the demand in total joint arthroplasty appear to be recession-proof.
The management of perioprosthetic infection in total joint arthroplasty.
According to the authors, post-operative joint infections are reported to occur in one to two percent of patients who undergo total joint arthroplasty and can cost $50,000 per patient to treat.
We conducted a retrospective chart review of prospectively collected data of the total joint arthroplasty patient population in our institution.
as standalone therapy without the need for drugs for DVT/PE prevention after total joint arthroplasty for the whole duration of treatment from hospital to home, ActiveCare [sup.

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