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tote 1

tr.v. tot·ed, tot·ing, totes Informal
1. To haul; lug: toted my gear to the car.
2. To have or bear on one's person: gangsters toting guns.
A tote bag.

[Probably from an English-based creole; akin to Gullah and Krio tot, to carry, of Bantu origin; akin to Kongo -tota, to pick up, and Swahili -tuta, to pile up, carry.]

tot′a·ble adj.
tot′er n.

tote 2

tr.v. tot·ed, tot·ing, totes Informal
1. To determine the total of; add up.
2. To sum up; summarize.

tote 3

n. Informal
A pari-mutuel machine.

[Short for totalizator.]




able to be toted or carried
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