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tote 1

tr.v. tot·ed, tot·ing, totes Informal
1. To haul; lug: toted my gear to the car.
2. To have or bear on one's person: gangsters toting guns.
A tote bag.

[Probably from an English-based creole; akin to Gullah and Krio tot, to carry, of Bantu origin; akin to Kongo -tota, to pick up, and Swahili -tuta, to pile up, carry.]

tot′a·ble adj.
tot′er n.

tote 2

tr.v. tot·ed, tot·ing, totes Informal
1. To determine the total of; add up.
2. To sum up; summarize.

tote 3

n. Informal
A pari-mutuel machine.

[Short for totalizator.]
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Noun1.toter - someone whose employment involves carrying somethingtoter - someone whose employment involves carrying something; "the bonds were transmitted by carrier"
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
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Workers will remove documents from vehicles and put them in a toter. When the toter is full, it is suctioned into the truck and shredded at once.
A specialist in Toter, Pick-up, and Tow-away vehicles, BTT has the capability to match any need, no matter how large, through intermodal partnerships with its affiliate companies.
Manufactured with Advanced Rotational Molding[TM], Toter Bear Tough carts are available in 64- and 96-gallon sizes.
The UK production Man in an Orange Shirt picked up the Emmy in the best movie / miniseries category, winning over Germany's nominated neo-Nazi drama, Toter Winkel (Dead Angle).
The company's brands include Wastequip, Toter, Galbreath, Pioneer, Mountain Tarp, Cusco, Go To Parts, and Accurate.
An investment in more ergonomic disposal equipment can also save time, money and hassle by cutting down on work-related injuries, adds Derrick Masimer, Vice President of Sales Operations for Toter, a manufacturer of ergonomic waste carts, containers and lifting equipment.
"Residents can bring in certain types of food waste and dispose of them into a shed with a toter inside, and that will be turned into compost from a contractor that will be picking it up for us," said P.J.
12 ALEKSANDAR MITROVIC With his rat-tat-tat goal celebration like a gun toter at the St Valentine's Day massacre, Mitro has, as most mavericks do, split public opinion.
SOUTHBRIDGE -- To eliminate loose trash bags on the curb and improve the appearance of neighborhoods on collection day, the Board of Health is proposing to give households a 64-gallon toter with an attached cover, Health Director Andrew R.
On the same shelf are Rachel Carson (alarmist!) and, necessarily, Edward Abbey, gun toter, womanizer, carnivore, and runner of the mouth.
Like his dam, the 11-time winning Carry Back mare Toter Back, Bob Back was a tough individual, retiring as the winner of six races during five seasons.