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or t'oth·er  (tŭth′ər)
pron. & adj. Informal
The other.

[From Middle English the tother, alteration of thet other, that other : thet, the (from Old English thæt; see that) + other, other; see other.]


(ˈtʌðə) or


adj, n
archaic or dialect the other
[C13 the tother, by mistaken division from thet other (thet, from Old English thæt, neuter of the1)]


or t'oth•er

(ˈtʌð ər)

adj., pron.
that other; the other.
[1175–1225; Middle English the tother for thet other, variant of that other the other]
References in classic literature ?
Remarkable often found occasions, in after days, to recount the minutiae of that celebrated operation; and when she arrived at this point she commonly proceeded as follows:” And then the doctor tuck out of the pocket book a long thing, like a knitting-needle, with a button fastened to the end on't; and then he pushed it into the wound and then the young man looked awful; and then I thought I should have swaned away—I felt in sitch a dispu’t taking; and then the doctor had run it right through his shoulder, and shoved the bullet out on tother side; and so Dr.
If the young lady thinks I hadn't ort to have kep' the tother 'arfcrown, I would not object to its bein' stopped from my wages if I were given a job of work here.
Whyso Mayo, though, is nothing but tough and he responded generously to reassume command on landing and beat Oscar Delta in game fashion with The Tother One a distance back in third.
Non-finishers: That'sRhythm (fell first); Becauseicouldntsee (fell second), Vic Venturi (brought down second); Calgary Bay (fell fourth), Ornais (fell fourth); Or Noir De Somoza (fell sixth); Dooneys Gate (fell sixth), The Tother One (fell sixth), West End Rocker (brought down sixth); Tidal Bay (unseated rider 10th); Quolibet (unseated rider 11th); Grand Slam Hero (fell 13th); Quinz (pulled up 16th); Can't Buy Time (fell 18th); Majestic Concorde (unseated rider 24th); What A Friend (pulled up 27th), Santa''s Son (pulled up 27th), Killyglen (fell 27th); Comply Or Die (pulled up 28th), Arbor Supreme (fell 28th); Hell Bud (pulled up 29th).
To do this I am using my ratings which place What A Friend, Tidal Bay, Silver By Nature, Arbor Supreme, The Tother One, That's Rhythm and Quinz in the Probable category.
The Paul Nicholls-trained The Tother One makes his first start since finishing fourth in the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury in November.
The Tother one ploughs through his fences, treating them with contempt yet still keeps going.
The heavily-backed The Tother One (9-4 favourite) was off the bridle some way out but plugged on for second, while last year's winner Deep Purple (15-2) ran well under a penalty in third.
There was a brief moment of worry for his supporters as he landed on all fours after jumping the third-last, but he quickly regained his momentum and powered up the Wetherby straight to score by four lengths from The Tother One, with last year's winner Deep Purple third.
And despite walking through the third-last fence, Nacarat galloped on far too strongly for his opposition headed by favourite The Tother One.
THE Bet 365 Charlie Hall Chase is Saturday's feature event on a very good card from Wetherby and The Tother One (3.
One of his main market rivals in a maximum 20-runner line-up is The Tother One.