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 (tō-tĭp′ə-tənt, tō′tĭ-pōt′nt)
Relating to a cell, especially a fertilized egg, that is capable of differentiating into an unlimited number of specialized cell types.

to·tip′o·ten·cy n.
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Noun1.totipotency - the ability of a cell to give rise to unlike cells and so to develop a new organism or part; "animal cells lose their totipotency at an early stage in embryonic development"
ability - the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment
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, totipotence
n. totipotencia, habilidad de una célula de regenerarse o desarrollarse en otro tipo de célula.
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The secrecy of micropropagation is totipotency, in which each cell has the potential to divide and produce all the differentiated cells of an organism (HARTMANN, 1997).
Plants can be readily regenerated from cultured tissue; this characteristic is termed totipotency and is a robust tool for genetic engineering (Larkin and Scowcroft, 1981).
The aim of the team was to gain insights in to the molecular features of totipotency and to work out how changes in cellular plasticity may occur.
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Pantoja et al., "Reprogramming in vivo produces teratomas and iPS cells with totipotency features," Nature, vol.
This is when the fertilized egg has only divided into four or eight cells that are still considered to retain the ability to produce all cell types (i.e., totipotency).
What are signals that can reprogram differentiated cell back to totipotency need to be fully elucidated?
In reproductive cloning by SCNT, the epigenetic signature of a differentiated somatic cell must be reset in a state resembling to totipotency and capability of driving full development after fusion of the cell to an enucleated oocyte cytoplast.
The methods of somatic cell nuclear transfer, chromosome transfer, or fusion with ES cells have all been used to induce totipotency or pluripotency [134, 135].
Furthermore, unipotent germ cells differentiate only into gametes but acquire totipotency through fertilization.
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