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Noun1.touch typing - typewriting in which the fingers are trained to hit particular keystouch typing - typewriting in which the fingers are trained to hit particular keys; typist can read and type at the same time
typewriting, typing - writing done with a typewriter
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On a QWERTY keyboard, which two letters have raised marks to assist with touch typing? 4.
The keyboard is perfect for the easy touch typing experience and also comes with backlighting for typing in the dark.
Fixes an issue for some users where alternative keys would not display when using VoiceOver with Touch Typing
"Younger-generation physicians, if they can maintain eye contact with the patient while touch typing, will do well.
"Typing Club'' will help you master touch typing, also free.
UpSense is a keyboard which for the first time enables touch typing and Braille typing on the touch screen itself.
If you typed your name using the keyboard to the right, with your fingers positioned for standard touch typing, your name would come out unrecognizable.
"Touch typing" will soon take on a whole new meaning.
A simple press of the Auto-Sliding button reveals the keyboard, which emerges from behind the screen for instant touch typing action.
In some cases, only too apparentthe world could get along very nicely, I think, without such terms as "qwertyuiophobia," the fear of touch typing, or "guinnessmania," the urge to set world records.