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an act or instance of touching up.
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The Touch-up Flyaway Tamer is a portable mascara-like wand that polishes broken strands, smoothing flyaways and frayed ends to keep hair sleek and smooth.
has announced the availability of a new touch-up kit featuring Series FC22 Epoxoline, which is a 100% solids, thick film lining that can be applied in one coat.
Follow-up LASIK--also called touch-up surgery--took care of the discrepancy, Walter says.
On the shelves of most repair departments can be found shellac sticks, aerosol lacquers and touch-up markers - the bread-and-butter of many cabinet, furniture, flooring and piano repair operations.
Highlights are best left to pros, but I regularly do a block colour touch-up at home.
In addition to the bronzer touch-up kit, Physicians Formula has recently launched Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls makeup, which is made with real mineral pearl extract that is said to provide a luminous hint to the skin.
Glamorous Nudes Eye Light Palette ($14) features eight nude eyeshadow shades in a gold packaged compact, perfect to bring on-the-go and apply touch-ups during parties.
Plus the packaging is so pretty you will want to get it out for touch-ups every few minutes.
On the more sober side, its Ardell line, best known for eyelashes, includes the Touch of Color hair care product designed for temporary touch-ups for consumers who aren't yet committed to a full-blown color treatment
The results usually last a full year before touch-ups are required, while the initial procedure takes about two hours and begins with a professional tattoo artist stenciling in the desired brow shape before filling them in with semi-permanent ink.
Emirates state-of-the-art facility in Dubai also installed decals on 72 aircraft and executed over 105,000 painting jobs including cabin touch-ups across the worlds largest fleet of wide-body aircraft in 2015.