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an act or instance of touching up.
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They got makeup from an Emmy-winning artist, even receiving touch-ups between rounds of the game.
Glamorous Nudes Eye Light Palette ($14) features eight nude eyeshadow shades in a gold packaged compact, perfect to bring on-the-go and apply touch-ups during parties.
Plus the packaging is so pretty you will want to get it out for touch-ups every few minutes.
What's more, just under half of respondents performing corrosion protection touch-ups and repairs do not feel that they have the necessary resources to make an informed decision on a cadmium alternative.
On the more sober side, its Ardell line, best known for eyelashes, includes the Touch of Color hair care product designed for temporary touch-ups for consumers who aren't yet committed to a full-blown color treatment
The results usually last a full year before touch-ups are required, while the initial procedure takes about two hours and begins with a professional tattoo artist stenciling in the desired brow shape before filling them in with semi-permanent ink.
Emirates state-of-the-art facility in Dubai also installed decals on 72 aircraft and executed over 105,000 painting jobs including cabin touch-ups across the worlds largest fleet of wide-body aircraft in 2015.
For touch-ups, try this trick from Deborah Hernan, founder of teen skin care brand Ottilie & Lulu: "Use an alcohol-free face wipe to gently dab your chin, nose creases or other areas--it won't remove your makeup.
Additional benefits are said to include imparting a high gloss on the tool surface for high-quality finished parts, lower VOCs, longer periods between top-coat touch-ups, and more.
My Paint Saint is a high-quality brush built into the lid of an airtight paint can, which makes touch-ups and paint storage easy.