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n. Football
A play in which the defensive team recovers and downs the ball behind its own goal line after the ball has been kicked or passed there by the team on offense. No points are scored, and the ball is put back in play by the recovering team on its own 20-yard line.


(American Football) American football a play in which the ball is put down by a player behind his own goal line when the ball has been put across the goal line by an opponent. Compare safety4b



a deliberate downing of the ball by a football team in its own end zone or possession assumed by that team when the ball lands beyond the end zone.
[1890–95, Amer.]


Play in which a ball is put down by a player behind his own goal line after an opposing player has put it across the goal line. The ball is then put in play on the receiving team’s 20- yard line.
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Noun1.touchback - (American football) a play in which the opposing team has kicked the football into your end zonetouchback - (American football) a play in which the opposing team has kicked the football into your end zone
American football, American football game - a game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays
football play - (American football) a play by the offensive team
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Witherspoon was about to score but was hit at the goal line by Urwiler and the ball went out of the end zone for a touchback.
With touchback support ClickShare adds energy to meetings and leads the way to more innovative methods of collaboration.
Montgomery was instructed to kneel for a touchback in the ensuing kickoff after the Rams had taken the lead, but the running back ignored his coach's instructions and took off running.
the new TouchBack feature on the ClickShare CSE-200 that allows presenters to
According to him, Catanzaro will be a great asset in improving Buccaneers' touchback percentage on kickoffs.
However, what could be a major relief for the team management would be Keiron Pollard finding his touchback.
Jordan Norwood and Emmanuel Sanders have taken care of that job for the Broncos and there could be plenty of touchbacks. Denver were ranked third and Carolina seventh in touchback percentage.
"You can assume it's going to be a touchback and the guy runs the kickoff back 109 yards for a touchdown.
There are, however, three outcomes that can lead the opponent to start someplace else: a touchback, a kick out of bounds, or a return of a kickoff to another point.
Army led 14-0 and could have led by much more, but defensive back Josh Hall stripped Army running back Josh Hall of the ball just outside the goal line late in the first half, and the ball bounced harmlessly out of the end zone for a touchback. The second half was a completely different story, with Air Force scoring 24 unanswered points to clinch a second consecutive Commander's-in-Chief Trophy.
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