tough guy

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Noun1.tough guy - someone who bullies weaker peopletough guy - someone who bullies weaker people  
bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, yob, yobbo, yobo, tough - a cruel and brutal fellow
Ted, Teddy boy - a tough youth of 1950's and 1960's wearing Edwardian style clothes
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Despite its lengthy running time, the film is a tense and tightly oiled affair, with Gibson and Vaughn terrific as the tough guy cops at ease in their world of violence, sexism and casual racism, but also following their own off-kilter moral code.
AL'S GUNNER HELP BY DAVID KELSO EDINBURGH have snapped up former Scotland tough guy Al Strokosch as a specialist coach.
The 'mother!' actress insisted that whilst she was aware Weinstein, 65, was a "tough guy" and a "brute", she had never considered the possibility that he might have been abusing his power.
"I can't fight the same as a guy can fight but that doesn't mean that I can fight any less or any less better than a man" - Actress Charlize Theron, pictured, underlines her on-screen "tough guy" abilities.
Tough Guy Don't Dance before you were hired to shoot the film?
ROSS KEMP'S BRITAIN (SKY1, 9pm) HE'S the tough guy of Albert Square turned tough guy of filmmaking.
But most of the international competitors aiming to win the original Tough Guy challenge were disqualified because they failed to properly complete the gruelling course.
Papadopoulos' appeals for 'cleansing' and for the prosecution of others, relegate him to an armchair tough guy."
"Rios is a tough guy, and tough guys don't win fights; good boxers win fights," revealed Roach.
DARREN Court can call himself a 'Tough Guy' after wading through six-foot stinging nettles on an extreme obstacle course.
"Who doesn't want to be some version of the tough guy? This is what everybody demands men to be."