tough luck

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Noun1.tough luck - an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomestough luck - an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes
circumstances, luck, destiny, fate, fortune, lot, portion - your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you); "whatever my fortune may be"; "deserved a better fate"; "has a happy lot"; "the luck of the Irish"; "a victim of circumstances"; "success that was her portion"
weakness - the condition of being financially weak; "the weakness of the dollar against the yen"
adversity, hard knocks, hardship - a state of misfortune or affliction; "debt-ridden farmers struggling with adversity"; "a life of hardship"
gutter, sewer, toilet - misfortune resulting in lost effort or money; "his career was in the gutter"; "all that work went down the sewer"; "pensions are in the toilet"
hard cheese - bad luck
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حَظ سَيِّء


(taf) adjective
1. strong; not easily broken, worn out etc. Plastic is a tough material.
2. (of food etc) difficult to chew.
3. (of people) strong; able to bear hardship, illness etc. She must be tough to have survived such a serious illness.
4. rough and violent. It's a tough neighbourhood.
5. difficult to deal with or overcome. a tough problem; The competition was really tough.
a rough, violent person; a bully.
ˈtoughness noun
ˈtoughen verb
to make or become tough.
tough luck
bad luck. That was tough luck.
get tough with (someone)
to deal forcefully with or refuse to yield to (a person). When he started to argue, I got tough with him.
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"Tough Luck was an attempt to try something new and encourage SVOD players like iflix, among other international platforms, to consider local productions and create a more competitive environment across the region.
The thriller novel is reportedly being re-published by Oldcastle Books to celebrate the work of Starr, who has written many crime novels and thrillers, including Cold Caller, Nothing Personal, Fake ID, Hard Feelings, Tough Luck and Twisted City, followed by Lights Out, The Follower, Panic Attack.
Despite some tough luck they at least finished with a win with goals from Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko, Miralem Pjanic and Avdija Vrsajevic with Reza Ghoochannejhad's late consolation never enough to push Iran through to the last 16.
TOUGH luck awaits some members of Warwickshire's team which thrashed Middlesex this week as the Bears prepare to welcome back their international players for Sunday's visit to Yorkshire.
"I never want to see that again," quips our host Russell Kane after one sketch, which is tough luck on the rest of us who probably didn't want to see it in the first place.
Tough luck to them, as the show has just been commissioned for a second series.
It was tough luck on Pakistan, who set a challenging total after winning the toss.
When I complained to the company based in a prestigious tower here, their attitude was "tough luck".
It was tough luck on the crisis club - but things only got worse as the game progressed.
It was tough luck on Wolves who asked questions of the Reds.
But rather than take advantage of this excellent facility, the thieves decided to help themselves - and tough luck to all those in their community who enjoyed using the state-of-the-art gear.