toughen up

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w>toughen up

vt sep personhart or zäh machen, stählen (geh); musclestrainieren; sportsman alsofit machen; regulationsverschärfen
vihart or zäh werden; (attitude)sich verhärten; to toughen up on somethinghärter gegen etw vorgehen
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I saw it as a natural way of creating aggression and making sure they would toughen up.
Melbourne, Nov 15 ( ANI ): Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson has reportedly been inspired by an Australian war hero in his quest to toughen up mentally after his career met a roadblock due to a serious toe injury and poor form.
What we are seeking to do is to shine a light on this and toughen up our enforcement against those people who are effectively trading in people's misery.
100 new wood interior doors with Holzumfassungszarge, of which about 5 pcs wood-framed doors with glass Stockzarge; toughen toughen up about 40 stock-wood interior doors and revise, revise approximately 3 piece wooden outer doors.
Richie Foran is fed up with Inverness being SPL softies and has urged his team-mates to toughen up.
THE government is today being urged to toughen up the law to ensure that litter louts who throw rubbish out of cars can be fined.
And the Celtic assistant boss said referees should toughen up - despite Hampden chief George Peat in midweek dismissing the Parkhead club's campaign as "tiresome and boring".
Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday defended moves to toughen up Britain's anti-terrorism regime.
Consequently, it has had to toughen up, improve its discipline and the professionalism of its soldiers.
Creative Nail Design Toughen Up, pounds 10 Strengthens and toughens the nail while forming a sticky base to anchor polish.
The conditioning process will help to toughen up his feet but there are limits.