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adj. tough·er, tough·est
1. Able to withstand great strain without tearing or breaking; strong and resilient: a tough all-weather fabric.
2. Hard to cut or chew: tough meat.
a. Physically hardy; rugged: tough mountaineers; a tough cop.
b. Strong-minded; resolute: a tough negotiator.
a. Aggressive; pugnacious.
b. Inclined to violent or disruptive behavior; rowdy or rough: a tough street group.
a. Difficult to endure; severe; harsh: a tough winter.
b. Trying or unpleasant: had a tough day.
c. Difficult to deal with; demanding or troubling: It's tough to go to school and work a full-time job. The exam had many tough questions.
d. Informal Unfortunate; too bad: It was a tough break to get sick on the day of the concert.
6. Slang Fine; great.
A violent or rowdy person; a hoodlum or thug.
that's tough
Used to indicate recalcitrance or noncompliance with a complaint or demand.
tough it out Slang
To get through despite hardship; endure: "It helps if one was raised to tough it out" (Gail Sheehy).

[Middle English, from Old English tōh.]

tough′ly adv.
tough′ness n.
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Adv.1.toughly - in a ruggedly tough mannertoughly - in a ruggedly tough manner; "toughly vigorous story-telling"


adv maderobust; built alsostabil; sayfest; toughly wordedgeharnischt; to behave toughly (= like a tough guy)den harten Mann spielen or markieren (inf); (= decisively)hart auftreten
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In a test, the average person could only toughly price three out of 10 items from a list including a loaf of bread, a tin of tuna and chocolate biscuits.
The Giza education department said it had referred to investigations everyone involved in arranging the party and warned violators will be toughly penalised.
Le Bokor Palace is a four-storey building, toughly and neatly designed, and has a powerful presence, embellished with decks and Italian-style pergolas.
Ali Abdullah Al-Araadi blessed the victories achieved by the Iraqi people in its war against the terrorist gangs of Daesh, and commended what Iraqis have given of sacrifices and blood to preserve Iraq's unity and sovereignty, stressing that Iraq is moving toughly to its leading position toward the Arabic issues, especially with the great victories against terrorism and the diplomatic efforts spent to enhance its relations with the Arabic states, expressing his readiness to cooperate with Iraq in different fields to increase cooperation level between both countries.
After the league round matches, points of Black Horse Paints, Army and Newage were equal, thus penalty shootouts were conducted among these teams and after a toughly contested shootout, Black Horse emerged as winners and qualified for the main final.
Residents reported to Providence developer ABD Development that their homes toughly withstood the hurricane force winds, surpassing expectations.
The sources said that the army men battled toughly with ISIL after the terrorists who attacked their positions in Humeimeh region in Southeastern Homs, repelling the militants' heavy offensive.
Under coach Aldin Ayo's watch in 2016, the Green Archers reclaimed the crown three years after a toughly fought battle with the Blue Eagles in the finals.
The American Bar Association restricts the proportion of class hours that can be delivered online to toughly one-third.
Syria issued a toughly worded statement denouncing Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, holding them responsible for the latest surge in rebel attacks and accusing them of wrecking any effort to reach a U.
He added that Turkey will respond toughly to the terrorist acts, renewing the call for the Turkish people to remain calm and for the international community to stand by his country in the war against terrorism.