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Noun1.toupe - a small hairpiece to cover partial baldnesstoupe - a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness
false hair, hairpiece, postiche - a covering or bunch of human or artificial hair used for disguise or adornment
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Hell toupe It's Halloween soon, and if you're properly dedicated to celebrating you'll wear a costume, with a wig.
That sparked rumours that he has invested in a very good toupe or had a hair transplant.
He had been with the Houftons at Sittingbourne for a British breeding festival the night when, back at home track Nottingham, Toupe Joe completed their unwished vomiting/inquiry treble.
Willis' appearance is at first disconcerting; with smooth features and a blond toupe, he looks about 35, and there is something just a little off about how Greer, Peters and others stare, don't register reactions immediately and move in ever-so-slightly abrupt ways.
Gone is the tuxedo and the toupe - these are his own heartfelt compositions of humour, love and peace.
In each one Poelzig's hair sits like a toupe cap above his characteristic owl-like glasses and earnest expression.
Get a life, put your toupe on, a baseball cap & u will overnight recapture the youth that u r obviously missing