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Solheimen Konferansehotell from Norway invited the tourist agency Kula-Turist from Bosnia and Herzegovina to take part in one of the biggest tourism fairs in Scandinavia and one of the largest of its kind in the world.
But of course, every tourist agency knows that we cannot rest on laurels and have to continue with our efforts.
JULY was the most popular month for tourism into the UK, according to tourist agency VisitBritian.
The tourist agency that had arranged his travel, police said, was to inform his relatives in Russia as to the man's death.
The bankruptcy of another Russian tourist agency will not affect the number of arrivals in Cyprus said President of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) Victor Mantovanis, noting however that Cyprus should stop depending on a small number of markets.
The announcement was made by Xavier Espasa, director of the Catalan Tourist Agency.
A Bulgaria is also in the top 10 tourist destinations for Russians, according to a list of the Rosturizm federal tourist agency.
Around thousand visitors have been announced for the period from May to September, from one tourist agency only, and tourists who will come alone or through other tourist agencies too.
Every Embassy presents culture of their countries; the issue may be also solved by the tourist agency," Koike Takayuki added.
An active government needed Amin Dirhem, who owns a tourist agency in Sana'a, stressed the importance of the tourism sector, saying that it "comes second, only after the oil sector.
UniCredit Bul bank and Central Cooperative Bank (CCB), which is part of local Chimimport group, have requested the enforcement of a pledge taken over the tourist agency for obtaining a loan of about 13.
Ahmad Al-Ouaifi, director of Al-Zarqa Travel and Tourist Agency, said the diversion of the ships would adversely affect sea transport between the two countries, especially the Umrah traffic.