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n. Informal
Variant of turista.


or tu•ris•ta

(tʊˈri stə)

traveler's diarrhea, esp. as experienced in Latin America.
[1955–60; < Sp turista tourist]
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En los anos siguientes fundo su propia revista y publico sus propios libros de historieta: Le Cordon Infernal (1978), La Vie Passionnee de Therese d'Avila (1980), Les Meres (1982), Le Destin de Monique (1984), Tourista (1984), Docteur Ventouse, bobologue (1985- 1986) y Agrippine (1988-2009).
Jan 28, 2015 (SeeNews) - A Czech TouristA AuthorityA plans to launchA tenderA for the purchase of advertising space for the promotion ofA World Cup Table Tennis in 2015.
But the filmmakers were aware that audiences might interpret her as a sort of honorary cultural citizen or simply another outsider, a tourista. Criticism of the film came to the fore after Maclean's film critic, Brian D.
After the bow of the Terrence McNally/David Yazbek tuner, opening nighters boarded Gray Line double-decker tourista buses that were to zip them across town to the post perf party at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
One of my favorite things to do in Britain is to have breakfast in the tourista hotels and hear the cacophony of dropped coffee cups as unsuspecting American visitors turn to the topless "Page Three Lovely" holding a lamp--"A-Pair-ently dee-Light-full."