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n. pl. tour·ne·dos (-dō′, -dōz′)
A fillet of beef cut from the tenderloin, often bound in bacon or suet for cooking.

[French : tourner, to turn (from Old French; see turn) + dos, the back (from Latin dorsum).]


n, pl -dos (-ˌdəʊz)
(Cookery) a thick round steak of beef cut from the fillet or undercut of sirloin
[from French, from tourner to turn + dos back]


(ˈtʊər nɪˌdoʊ, ˌtʊər nɪˈdoʊ)

n., pl. -dos.
a small, thick beef fillet, served with a sauce and garnished.
[1920–25; < French, =tourne(r) to turn + dos back (< Latin dorsum)]
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Noun1.tournedos - thick steak cut from the beef tenderlointournedos - thick steak cut from the beef tenderloin
filet, fillet - a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef


[ˈtʊənəˈdəʊ] Nturnedó m, tournedós m


n (Cook) → Tournedos nt
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The main course soon followed: tournedos of chicken breast, wild mushroom sauce, potatoes Anna and asparagus Meuniere.
For steak, we ordered Tournedos Rossini, medium cooked; a big piece of meat with amazing flavour, but that might get cold before you finish eating it.
However for me the best was their Tournedos Rossini (Dh179), French once again but perhaps the juiciest steak of beef tenderloin I have had.
It makes for a light texture with a deep, rich taste, and for the main course, it will be Tournedos Rossini with truffle sauce.
From Bourbon-Braised Pork Cheeks to Duck Confit with Peach Relish and Tournedos of Venison with Warm Cherry-Juniper Vinaigrette, this is packed with dishes that take Southern roots, add international influences, and finish the effort with a dash of innovation you don't find elsewhere.
Top of the pops for internet critics are the escargots, steak tournedos, Grenoble trout and local dessert delicacy chartreuse ice cream.
Soon full-bodied Sette pops in with tenderloin tournedos simmered in red win jus.
The second division was won in taking style by Tournedos, who came home clear under PJ McDonald at 7-1.
Tournedos Rossini features a Welsh black beef fillet with a bread crouton and pate, sliced field mushrooms, caramelised red cabbage and a Madeira (rich red wine) sauce.
My partner went to the beef menu and chose the tournedos of sirloin ($12.
With a menu that revolves much like the restaurant itself, local diners can return every two weeks to experience new and exciting menu offerings with main course menus including items such as The Reel, Duck Trilogy, Free Range Chicken, Colorado Lamb, Kobeye, Blackened Filet Tournedos and Venison Rack Roast.
Also there, only not with Les, Echo And The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch tucking into a Tournedos Rossini .