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(ˌtuːrtɪˈɛə; French turtjɛr)
(Cookery) Canadian a type of meat pie
[from French]
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Noun1.tourtiere - a meat pie that is usually eaten at Christmas in Quebec
meat pie - pie made with meat or fowl enclosed in pastry or covered with pastry or biscuit dough
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Some of them are easy, like the super-comforting Farmstead Mac and Cheese, and some need more time, technique and energy, like his lavish Seafood Tourtiere.
They enjoy tourtiere in Quebec and lobster in PEI before arriving at Elsie's house where the promised surprise awaits
We often visited each other enjoying their wholesome home-cooked meals that included tourtiere, rustic pea soup, piping hot buns from the oven, pies and tarts that I later came to identify as the epitome of French-Canadian cuisine.
Vittachi was beaten a length and a quarter by the reopposing Tourtiere at Musselburgh last month and while that margin of defeat clearly flatters him - the winner was eased considerably in the final half-furlong - you only need to look at the weights carried that day compared with those they are set to shoulder this time to realise what a massive chance my selection has of reversing the form.
Tourtiere can make it a course and distance double in the Scott Coppola Electrical Distributors Handicap.
BETTING: 5-2 Discoverie, 3-1 Astaroland, 9-2 Dry Your Eyes, 8-1 Baraboy, 10-1 Asker, 11-1 Uplifted, 14-1 Tourtiere, 20-1 Northern Champ, Needwood Park.
The restaurant will especially add a Celebrate Canada menu to its buffet from July 2 to 31, including poutine, tourtiere, bannock, maple-glazed salmon, blueberry pie, maple walnut ice cream and more.
They drank the milky tea, aromatic with spices that reminded him of the tourtiere and saucisses his grandmother used to make for Christmas.
On pense par exemple aux aliments emblematiques des repas de fetes: la dinde consommee a l'action de grace en Amerique du Nord, la tourtiere du temps des Fetes au Quebec, la galette des rois en France, la vodka lors des mariages en Lituanie, le queso relleno (fromage farci) yucateque, etc.
Recipes pair with advice, use fresh local ingredients easily found in Maine and non-Maine kitchens alike, and feature such dishes as Pumpkin Waffles, Tourtiere (a cinnamon-enhanced ground pork pie) and Salmon and Peas.
De leur cote, Girard et Sercia analysent l'alimentation de jeunes issus de familles maghrebines a Montreal et relevent, au sein de celles-ci, une certaine << creolisation >> de la nourriture (pate chinois et tourtiere halal, par exemple).