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(təˈvɑːrɪʃ; Russian taˈvariʃtʃ) ,




comrade: a term of address
[from Russian]
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Noun1.tovarisch - a comrade (especially in Russian communism)tovarisch - a comrade (especially in Russian communism)
Russia, Soviet Union, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR - a former communist country in eastern Europe and northern Asia; established in 1922; included Russia and 14 other soviet socialist republics (Ukraine and Byelorussia and others); officially dissolved 31 December 1991
companion, comrade, familiar, fellow, associate - a friend who is frequently in the company of another; "drinking companions"; "comrades in arms"
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The CIS ship Mir was due to berth in the Port of Liverpool and others including the Tovarisch, Kaliakra and the Sedov, were following close in her wake.
TOVARISCH, I AMNOT DEAD (12A, 83 mins) Award-winning filmmaker Stuart Urban embarks on a personal journey to retrace the steps of his father Garri, who survived the Holocaust and the Gulag.
and maybe tovarisch. But in the winter of 1941, when tanks loomed in the snow outside Moscow, all of them were ready to spill their blood for that great white city