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Noun1.towel bar - a horizontal bar a few inches from a wall for holding towelstowel bar - a horizontal bar a few inches from a wall for holding towels
bar - a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon; "there were bars in the windows to prevent escape"
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Canvas bags hung on a towel bar on a wall can keep dirty clothes wrangled until it's time to wash them.
Vir Stil by Laura Kirar Vanity and Console Table Legs with Towel Bar P74208-00, Console Table Top by Laura Kirar P74206-00, KAILISTA FOUNDATIONS Bottle Trap P21636-00, Vir Stil Minimal by Laura Kirar Walt-Mount Sink Faucet with Lever Handles P24201-LV, Kallisto;
Do not install a towel bar to do the work of a grab bar, towel bars are decorative and do not offer the same strength and durability of a grab bar.
CORTES 1600 X 360 GREY RADIATOR & TOWEL BAR PS169.95 Keep your bathroom at a cosy temperature all year round.This clever designer radiator features an integrated towel bar to help keep towels fresh and dry between uses.
Top-selling YouCopia products during this period include the StoreMore shelf riser, which maximizes vertical space with a height-adjustable shelf; the Crazy Susan turntable, which stores spices, sauces and shot glasses with a backstop that keeps them upright; the Wrap-Stand, which keeps plastic sandwich and snack bags in an adjustable caddy; and the Over The Door Expandable Towel Bar, which hangs over the back of a cabinet door to store kitchen and bath towels.
The solution is a cheap towel bar. Some cost as little as $5.
One painting, Untitled (no soap), 2015, introduces the possibility of a painting becoming the vertical support for other items, in this instance a diminutive painting tacked to the larger one, as well as a glass shelf holding a bottle of mouthwash (citrus, so as to be color-coordinated with the orange hue of its mount), a candle, and an empty towel bar with hook.
A tissue holder with cover and a towel bar round off the product range.
Made of lightweight aluminum and steel, it collapses for hands-free toting and boasts arm rests, insulated cooler pouch, cell phone holder, towel bar and adjustable pillow.
Kleenex Hand Towels' flexible packaging complements bathroom decor and space limitations, allowing the product to be placed on a towel bar or countertop.
Shower enclosure with towel bar: Frameless glass door with polished chrome towel bar, $3,000