towel down

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w>towel down

vt sep(ab)trocknen, trocken reiben
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Don't you put that towel down on the table -- he won't have that!
wn you are still sitting When sitting down for a picnic, there's nothing worse than realising that despite the fact you've put a towel down, in sand.
Everywhere I had to touch, I put a towel down. I was terrified.
| Putting your towel down on the best sunbeds by the pool, at the crack of dawn, is a traditional part of any summer holiday, but that could be about to change, as some hotels are offering sunbed booking for guests.
"Sorry, but I'm in, you're out," she shrugged, seemingly oblivious to the fact that, had the man she voted for been in power when she waded into that river as a girl, she'd have been frogmarched back over the border before she could towel down.
There were rules, like if you were going to eat in bed, you have to put a towel down, because you don't want to be sleeping with crumbs.
If you are worried about staining your sheets, you can lay a towel down underneath you.
End of sunbed race HOLIDAYMAKERS are being offered the chance to reserve sunbeds without the daily dash to put a towel down.
"Being able to put your towel down on the beach and watch the sunset is nice," Boser said."You can do that now without having ants crawl all over you." Tobias, however, has been happier since leaving in September.