towel down

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w>towel down

vt sep(ab)trocknen, trocken reiben
References in classic literature ?
Don't you put that towel down on the table -- he won't have that
If you are worried about staining your sheets, you can lay a towel down underneath you.
HOW YOU CAN STOP OTHERS FROM HOGGING THE SUNBEDS BY THE POOL Keileigh Hagan: "If someone isn't at the pool within an hour of putting the towel down, hotel staff should take it off, simples.
End of sunbed race HOLIDAYMAKERS are being offered the chance to reserve sunbeds without the daily dash to put a towel down.
Being able to put your towel down on the beach and watch the sunset is nice," Boser said.
Use flip-flops in the shower and, if you must be barefoot, put a towel down on the floor.
You will need to put a towel down or cover the laminate in sheet vinyl using a contact glue to prevent it slipping.
TOWEL DOWN Ronnie's in a sweat as he watches Trump rack up the points but he held him off to lift the trophy, right