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Noun1.towel rack - a rack consisting of one or more bars on which towels can be hungtowel rack - a rack consisting of one or more bars on which towels can be hung
rack - framework for holding objects
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I believe you have everything that you need here," she added, glancing at the well-filled towel rack and water pitcher.
"Adding luxury features like a heated towel rack, extra storage, upgraded shower head, aromatherapy products and a fluffy bath rug aren't expensive but will leave buyers feeling like the home is very modern," Martel says.
Ethiopian domestic worker Miskiya Abaraya Abadure, a 35-year-old mother of two, was found hanging from a towel rack inside the toilet of a manpower agency on August 14, while Indian Uthiru Parambil Arshad was found hanging from a ceiling fan inside the kitchen of his apartment in Sitra on August 6.
Player warm-up will be reduced by a further minute to 4 minutes from the second player walk-on and this year players will be instructed to use a towel rack at the back of the court to remove the onus on ball kids to handle towels.
Bath with soaking tub and heated towel rack. In-unit washer/dryer and smart home capabilities.
Pink bamboo towel rack PS19.99, Zara Home WHAT a brilliant way to add interest to your bathroom with this wacky rack.
PS8, Matalan Spruce up your towel rack with pretty pastel shades.
Room amenities have been positioned lower for easy reach such as the key card slot, lighting control switches, towel rack, storage cabinets and wardrobe." The Omani resort has welcomed 54 guests with disabilities since it opened in March 2014.
TOWEL RACK Select 3-tier towel rack,, PS51.14