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Noun1.towel rack - a rack consisting of one or more bars on which towels can be hungtowel rack - a rack consisting of one or more bars on which towels can be hung
rack - framework for holding objects
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I believe you have everything that you need here," she added, glancing at the well-filled towel rack and water pitcher.
PS8, Matalan Spruce up your towel rack with pretty pastel shades.
As for the bathroom hardware, you can get a set which contains a towel rack, soap dish, tissue holder, hand soap dispenser for P1500.
My favorite towel rack was once an oven door handle.
The tie worn by the man in the left-hand photo is now knotted around a towel rack on the wall and the shower door's handle, seemingly locking her in.
It was a good thing I'd tossed my jeans on the bed and hung my underwear on the towel rack.
If you have stayed in a hotel recently you likely will have noticed a towel rack hanger or sheet changing card asking you to consider using your linens more than once.
Moreover, all of the rooms can be accessorized, the bedroom furnished with mattress, bed frame, pillow, and quilt; books, a picture frame, candle, quilt, and checkers game for the living room; towel rack, towel, drinking glass, scrub brush, mirror, toiletries, and even a rubber duckie for the bathroom; and pots and pans, peanut butter and jelly, bread, eggs, bacon, orange juice, spatula, and oven mitt for the kitchen (each kit, $7.
We added an old-fashioned radio, a paper towel rack converted with red tape into a barber pole, chairs for men who were waiting for their shaves and some men's magazines.
And, just nano-seconds after entering, we had bought a double bed and mattress for the guest room, a chest of drawers for our room, various chromed things for the kitchen, a towel rack for the bathroom and two enormous palm plants whose destination had still be decided.
As an example of Wood-Metal's growth, by 1945 it was producing enameled finishes on a contemporary door style and introduced special-purpose units such as a telescoping towel rack, cutlery trays with linoleum bottoms, and a broom/linen closet.