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Noun1.towel ring - a circular hoop for holding a toweltowel ring - a circular hoop for holding a towel
hoop, ring - a rigid circular band of metal or wood or other material used for holding or fastening or hanging or pulling; "there was still a rusty iron hoop for tying a horse"
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3of the best Elephant bottle opener PS6.99, Trouva BOTTLE OPENERS Elephant towel ring PS18, Dunelm Elephant table PS69.99, The Garden Furniture Centre (
Gallery direct Watson bronze desk lamp, PS59 Elements Geo ochre towels, PS8-PS14 Towel ring, PS18 Elephant towel ring PS18 Fulton set of 2 coffee tables, PS119 Copper tea pot, PS22 Set of 4 coloured tumblers, PS4.99 Vases, from PS4.99, rug, from PS49, artwork, from PS15 Homesense Gronadal rocking chairs, PS150 each.
But to get the look without having to call a plumber, just replace fixings like the towel ring, loo roll holder and soap dispenser.
Chrome-finish range includes soap dish, toilet roll holder, towel ring or bar and tumbler.
TRY: Bathstore's minimalist circular towel ring, pounds 29, or blow the budget with Ripples' Bisque chrome hot spring radiator, pounds 1,043.
Springs is also making a big splash on its Palace bath label by adding a wall mount fixture for a soap dish, tumbler and toothbrush holder combination, as well as a robe hook, towel ring, towel bar and toilet paper holder.
Consisting of the Polar Soap Dish, Tumbler & Holder, Towel Ring and Toilet Roll Holder, the all in one accessory pack offers a fantastic saving, when compared to purchasing each item separately.
Table runner, PS39.99, H&M Mug, PS3.50, George at Asda Tablecloth, PS17.99, H&M Monkey towel ring, PS18; and hand towel, PS8, both Dunelm Soap dispenser, PS7; and tumbler, PS5, both Dunelm Nkuku picture frames, from PS14.99; philodendron plant, from PS39.99, all Dobbies
Each of the three ranges consists of a tumbler, soap dish, and toilet brush, each with a wall mounted holder, a robe hook, toilet paper holder, towel ring, glass shelf, and 60cm single towel rail.