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A small, usually moistened piece of paper or cloth used for cleansing.
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a paper towel; a small towel
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(ˌtaʊ əˈlɛt, ˌtaʊˈlɛt)

a small paper towel, usu. premoistened in a sealed package.
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nFeuchtigkeits- or Erfrischungstuch nt
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20 long guns/40 handguns) and a 10x10 inch towelette (covers approx.
* Low-alcohol disinfectant towelette that cleans and disinfects hard, nonporous surfaces and patient care equipment.
The La Fresh towelette line includes anti-bacterial, shoe shine, Minty Mitt, lens cleaner, deodorant (for him and her), hydrating lotion, makeup remover, eyes and lips makeup remover, nail polish remover, shaving gel, hair styling gel, feminine hygiene, SPF 30 sunscreen, DEET-free insect repellent and wet/dry dual action screen cleaner.
Current Technologies developed a formula and manufacturing process to stabilize bleach so it would last over a year in a towelette they named "Hype-Wipe[R]", and obtained EPA registration.
A novel antimicrobial moist towelette was selected to determine if, after a single application, it inhibited aerobic bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungal proliferation on human skin.
Bleach-Wipes provide a consistent and accurate concentration of bleach in a prediluted single or double prepackaged 8" x 10" towelette. The 1:100 dilution provides general surface cleaning without causing premature degradation of expensive equipment.
The retail version of the breakfasts currently served in schools across the United States, Breakfast Breaks contain a 1.69-ounce General Mills bowl-pack of cereal made with whole grains, a 6.75-ounce Minute Maid 100% Juice box, and a nutritious snack such as raisins, along with a spoon, napkin, and moist towelette. Children have the option of adding fresh fruit to their cereal, the company notes.
FRESHEN UP in the bathroom with a moist towelette or apply hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel to the "strong" areas.
` Californian Summer is available in two sizes - towelette for evening out the bare bits or flannel with enough self tanner to cover face and body.
He invented a towelette saturated with DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-tolu-amide) mosquito repellent and called it SkeetSafe.
Weber Scientific's new anthrax environmental swab collection kit contains everything necessary for anthrax sample collection, including a sterile swab capped inside a color-coded test tube, another color-coded capped test tube containing sterile phosphate-buffered saline hydrating solution, a pair of sterile gloves, a bleach towelette, and two self-sealing plastic bags.