tower of strength

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Noun1.tower of strength - a person who can be relied on to give a great deal of support and comforttower of strength - a person who can be relied on to give a great deal of support and comfort
sponsor, supporter, patron - someone who supports or champions something
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The dressers, often inexperienced or nervous, found her a tower of strength. She had seen thousands of them, and they made no impression upon her: she always called them Mr.
It cost us Argives dear enough to lose such a tower of strength as you were to us.
Son of Atreus, check your anger, I implore you; end this quarrel with Achilles, who in the day of battle is a tower of strength to the Achaeans."
I thought of the other Societies, too numerous to mention, all built up on this man as on a tower of strength. I thought of the struggling Female Boards, who, so to speak, drew the breath of their business-life through the nostrils of Mr.
One hung over the after-capstan, sobbing for breath, and I stood amongst them like a tower of strength, impervious to disease and feeling only the sickness of my soul.
Thankfully she's doing well at the moment - she's a real inspiration and a tower of strength.
stats 3 SHOTS ON TARGET 5 8 SHOTS OFF TARGET 5 5 CORNERS 5 15 FOULS 10 3 YELLOW CARDS 0 possession 62% 38% MAN OF THE MATCH JOE SHAUGHNESSY Tower of strength at heart of defence.
Fiona Tuomey has shown she is a tower of strength by founding the Healing Untold Grief Group (HUGG) which also aims to prevent future loss of life.
Since completing the Tower of Strength challenge he has raised almost PS2,000.
Janmaat was a tower of strength, Captain Colo has gone back to the sensible, reliable central defender he once was, Paul Dummett proved once again he's got great qualities in the centre of defence, and Massadio Haidara was reliable and adventurous when breaking.
"He has also been a real tower of strength for the rest of the lads during what has been a really difficult season.
She said: "Emmy and her family are a tower of strength. The courage and determination they have all shown is so admirable and a great example to us all when facing difficulties in our lives.