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1. A head of white-blond hair resembling tow.
2. A person with such hair.
3. A sandbar or low-lying alluvial island in a river, especially one with a stand of trees.

tow′head′ed adj.


1. a person with blond or yellowish hair
2. a head of such hair
[from tow2 (flax)]



1. a head of very light blond, almost white hair.
2. a person with such hair.
tow′-head`ed, adj.
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Noun1.towhead - a person with light blond hair
blond, blonde - a person with fair skin and hair
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When the first streak of day began to show we tied up to a towhead in a big bend on the Illinois side, and hacked off cottonwood branches with the hatchet, and covered up the raft with them so she looked like there had been a cave-in in the bank there.
Jim said he bet she did think of it by the time the men was ready to start, and he believed they must a gone up-town to get a dog and so they lost all that time, or else we wouldn't be here on a towhead sixteen or seventeen mile below the village -- no, indeedy, we would be in that same old town again.
Subsea 7, as part of its largest-ever UK EPIC (engineering, procurement, installation and construction) contract with Premier Oil (valued in excess of $460 million), designed, developed and installed six towhead structures as part of three pipeline bundle systems, as well as associated pipeline tie-in and well spools, all fabricated by GEG.
The children's names all sound like characters from "The Lord of the Rings": In addition to Bodevan and Nai (Charlie Shotwell), there's rebellious son Rellian (Nicholas Hamilton), towhead Zaja (Shree Crooks) and beautiful teen daughters Kielyr (Samantha Isler) and Vespyr (Annalise Basso).
In stark black and white, towhead glows over sooty Angus, a
I was a towhead with white eyebrows and hair straight as straw, but I wanted an afro like his.
The towhead thinking himself "a poet" right after the toddler phase had now acquired--at long last, in seventh grade--the complex for that pretension.
One of the pair was a towhead, not quite a teenager, the other a Labrador retriever 8 months old and black as the inside of night.
Anglers leaving from Apala-chicola can take the pass above Big Towhead Island and follow the power poles to about the middle of the bridge and then head north to reach the channels into the creeks.
By that time the family included a little sister, an adorable towhead.
The scope of work also includes installation of a 28 km electro-hydraulic control umbilical, tie-ins of integrated subsea towhead structures, field testing and pre-commissioning works.
She later pulled back on that to raise two towhead sons, Luke, 1, and Logan, 3.