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It therefore, in the first place, cheered Van Systens and his nosegay, then the corporation, then followed a cheer for the people; and, at last, and for once with great justice, there was one for the excellent music with which the gentlemen of the town councils generously treated the assemblage at every halt.
The Town Council are all very little, round, oily, intelligent men, with big saucer eyes and fat double chins, and have their coats much longer and their shoe-buckles much bigger than the ordinary inhabitants of Vondervotteimittiss.
The good people of the borough had scarcely a chance, however, to get their eyes thoroughly open, when, just as it wanted half a minute of noon, the rascal bounced, as I say, right into the midst of them; gave a chassez here, and a balancez there; and then, after a pirouette and a pas-de-zephyr, pigeon-winged himself right up into the belfry of the House of the Town Council, where the wonder-stricken belfry-man sat smoking in a state of dignity and dismay.
Her mother was sitting by the fireside spinning her purple yarn with her maids around her, and she happened to catch her father just as he was going out to attend a meeting of the town council, which the Phaeacian aldermen had convened.
SUTTON Coldfield could be just the first of several Birmingham districts to set up their own town councils and run services locally.
For example, the consultation paper lists the powers that town councils had in 1992, rather than highlighting the new powers that town council's have under the Localism Act 2011 - over issues such as town planning.
THE CCTV network in Anglesey has been rescued after the island's five town councils teamed up to continue the service.
Elsewhere town councils have taken a different view and recognised their important role and increased their charge to a level which has allowed real improvements to the fabric of their town.
Town Councils receive no government grant but the action taken to keep the toilets open was justified because of their impending closure.
The monitoring officer seemed surprised at the Information Commissioner's stand regarding community and town councils and would like to see the Information Commissioner's correspondence on the matter," he said.
A WAR of words has broken out between two town councils in Co Donegal over a mayoral banquet.
The truth is, in general, parish and town councils are usually frowned on by the larger councils.