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also town·y  (tou′nē)
n. pl. town·ies Informal
A permanent resident of a town, especially a resident of a college town who is academically unaffiliated with the local college or university.


(ˈtaʊnɪ) or


1. a permanent resident in a town, esp as distinct from country dwellers or students
2. (Peoples) a young working-class person who dresses in casual sports clothes



(ˈtaʊ ni)

n., pl. town•ies or town•ees.
Informal. a resident of a town, esp. a nonstudent resident of a college town.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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Noun1.townie - resident of a college town not affiliated with the collegetownie - resident of a college town not affiliated with the college
towner, townsman - a resident of a town or city


[ˈtaʊni] n (British)citadin(e) m/ftown meeting n (US) assemblée générale des habitants d'une localitétown plan n (= map) → plan m de villetown planner n (British)urbaniste mftown planning n (British)urbanisme m


[ˈtaənɪ] n (Brit) (fam) → persona di città
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Synopsis: Exceptionally well written and an inherently absorbing read from first page to last, "My Townie Heart" clearly showcases author Diana Sperrazza's considerable talents as a novelist.
International Resource News-January 27, 2014--Garfield Refining receives 2013 Townie Choice Award
Pop only skirts around the edges of his young son's life in Dubus' frank, moving memoir, Townie.
If you are a townie, is there really any need to have a vehicle capable of climbing the steepest gradient in sludge 10ft deep?
I lived in Hanley Street, near to town, so I was a townie in my teens, and I used to go to all the places with my friends.
Murder in Mayberry: Greed, Death, and Mayhem in a Small Town" is the tale of Madisonville, Kentucky and the brutal slaying of Ann Branson--and how the murderer was a quiet townie just like the rest of them--church going, helpful, just like them.
David and Misty, along with a townie friend of David's, team up to find out who really killed David's mother, and why, in this suspenseful, tightly plotted thriller.
We combined the design frame of our Townie in the classic retro look of our cruisers.
Read more about the pros and cons of a move to the country in Out of Your Townie Mind, by Richard Craze (White Ladder Press, pounds 7.
She was twice second over the track and trip in November the previous year, including behind one of today's rivals, Townie, in this very race.
The photographer's perspective from across the field seems a metaphor for Verene's relationship to Galesburg: It affords a view that's inclusive and empathetic, while figuring the psychological distance enabling his clarity of vision an ironic acknowledgment of Verene's ambivalent position as both townie and auteur.