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The inhabitants or citizens of a town or city.
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(ˈtaʊnzˌpiːpəl) or


(Human Geography) the inhabitants of a town; citizens
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(ˈtaʊnzˌpi pəl)
1. the inhabitants or citizenry of a town.
2. people who were raised in a town or city. Also called towns′folk` (-ˌfoʊk)
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Noun1.townspeople - the people living in a municipality smaller than a citytownspeople - the people living in a municipality smaller than a city; "the whole town cheered the team"
municipality - people living in a town or city having local self-government
borough - an English town that forms the constituency of a member of parliament
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سُكان المَدينَه، أهْل المَدينَه


[ˈtaʊnzˌpiːpl] NPLciudadanos mpl
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[ˈtaʊnzpiːpəl] nplgens mpl de la ville
the townspeople of Warwick → les gens de Warwick
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[ˈtaʊnzˌpiːpl] nplcittadinanza, cittadini mpl
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(taun) noun
1. a group of houses, shops, schools etc, that is bigger than a village but smaller than a city. I'm going into town to buy a dress; He's in town doing some shopping.
2. the people who live in such a group of houses etc. The whole town turned out to greet the heroes.
3. towns in general as opposed to the countryside. Do you live in the country or the town?
town centre
the main shopping and business area of a town. You can get a bus from the town centre.
town hall
the building in which the official business of a town is done.
ˈtownsfolk, ˈtownspeople noun plural
the people living in a town.
go to town
to do something very thoroughly or with great enthusiasm or expense. He really went to town on (preparing) the meal.
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In a moment, however, wisely judging that one token of her shame would but poorly serve to hide another, she took the baby on her arm, and with a burning blush, and yet a haughty smile, and a glance that would not be abashed, looked around at her townspeople and neighbours.
On one occasion, she startled the townspeople by a brilliant illumination of the Province House, with candles at every pane of glass, and a transparency of the King's initials and a crown of light in the great balcony window.
Within a hundred miles, and in the light of other fires, there were other functionaries less fortunate, that night and other nights, whom the rising sun found hanging across once-peaceful streets, where they had been born and bred; also, there were other villagers and townspeople less fortunate than the mender of roads and his fellows, upon whom the functionaries and soldiery turned with success, and whom they strung up in their turn.
I imagine them wandering about the streets, telling the townspeople, in outlandish, unintelligible words, that no earthly affliction ever equalled what had befallen them.
During this discussion the night had closed in, and the torches, pages, attendants, squires, horses, and carriages, blocked up the gate and the open place; the torches were reflected in the channel, which the rising tide was gradually filling, while on the other side of the jetty might be noticed groups of curious lookers-on, consisting of sailors and townspeople, who seemed anxious to miss nothing of the spectacle.
That was reserved exclusively for resident or corresponding members; no one else could possibly have obtained a place; and the city magnates, municipal councilors, and "select men" were compelled to mingle with the mere townspeople in order to catch stray bits of news from the interior.
"Konstantin Dmitrievitch despises and hates town and us townspeople," said Countess Nordston.
As they were leaving they passed the locked cases containing the library of fiction, open to the teachers and townspeople, but forbidden to the students.
"I mean in knowledge and skill; not in social status, for our medical men are most of them connected with respectable townspeople here.
The Church generally still encouraged attendance, and not only did all the townspeople join wholeheartedly, but from all the country round the peasants flocked in.
In the meanwhile, the caravan blundered on as if it too had been drinking strong beer and was drowsy, and came at last upon the paved streets of a town which were clear of passengers, and quiet, for it was by this time near midnight, and the townspeople were all abed.
Nevertheless, I am much afraid that I shall have all the townspeople of Ithaca up here directly, and they will be sending messengers everywhere throughout the cities of the Cephallenians."