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1. A woman who is a resident of a town.
2. A woman who is a fellow resident of one's town.


(ˈtaʊnzˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
1. a female native or inhabitant of a town.
2. a female native or inhabitant of one's own or the same town.
usage: See -woman.


[ˈtaʊnzwʊmən] N (townswomen (pl)) → ciudadana f; (as opposed to countrywoman) → habitante f de la ciudad
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4: Some relate that Chryseis was taken from Hypoplacian (6) Thebes, and that she had not taken refuge there nor gone there to sacrifice to Artemis, as the author of the "Cypria" states, but was simply a fellow townswoman of Andromache.
Four-foot tall Ruth Duccini travelled to Hollywood in 1938 aged 20 with a troupe of performing midgets to appear in the classic film as a Munchkin townswoman.
Now Mrs Hirst, 90, has been presented with the Townswoman of The Year Award by the organisation founded in 1929 to educate women in good citizenship after they won the vote.