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Variant of toxi-.




, before a consonant




combining form. indicating poison: toxalbumin.
[from Latin toxicum]


var. of toxo- before a vowel: toxemia.


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The Rapid TOX Cup II is an all-inclusive; one-step drug test cup that produces accurate results within minutes without any need for manipulation of the device.
Novel sequences for dtxR and tox were submitted to GenBank (accession nos.
As part of the binding agreement to acquire Daniels Health and Daniels Manufacturing by Tox Free Solutions, Daniels Health founder Dan Daniels and its chairman Markus Koch have been retained as advisers to the health business unit and will assist Toxfree on its strategic and operational management.
The materiel developer is responsible for identifying technically feasible materials and requesting appropriate consultation from AIPH TOX Portfolio.
Osteoporosis is not well-re presented in the homeopathic literature, but Rhus tox is known in the treatment of injuries to the bones and fractures.
Rapid TOX is designed to provide accurate test results within minutes.
In contrast, the TOX method of joining is a quiet, clean process that involves pressing the materials to be joined into a patented, solid, one-piece die.
Instruments are available that detect either AOX or TOX or both.
A production process for joining metals that uses a combination of drawing and forming techniques that is easy on the surface finish of the joing material is promising to solve some environmental problems associated with spot welding, according to developer, TOX Corp, Addison, IL.
Contract notice: Acquisition of cartridge 9 x 19 mm no tox, For use in the civil guard.
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Tox Town Town neighborhood now has a new photo-realistic look.