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The major causes of maternal deaths are hemorrhage, puerperal sepsis, toxemia of pregnancy and obstructed labor, he informed and added that several studies on maternal mortality have identified the need for addressing delays in accessing emergency obstetric care and for integrated efforts for saving mothers' lives both at the community and hospital level.
Se le suele relacionar con infeccion por Clostridium, que ocasiona un cuadro de gangrena gaseosa acompanado de toxemia sistemica, crepitos y una extensa inflamacion (3).
Major groups of complications in this study group were anemia, toxemia and hydramnios.
Toxins produced by these bacteria are absorbed from uterus resulting in toxemia (Noakes et al.
They also commented that F/P ratio decreases with increase in toxemia.
Ahmed Khan in charge of the district mobile unite along with team administered vaccines against seasonal diseases among cattle and enterio toxemia in goats and sheep.
Zinc deficiency effects the maternal by showing various consequences like low birth weight spontaneous abortion and pregnancy related toxemia.
Dark gums may suggest a case of severe shock or toxemia (heart not pumping properly and/or blood pooling in the gum's blood vessels), which also brings us to the next checking point of the vital signs: Capillary refill time.
Let me tell Godfrey and all those who may have similar thinking this sad story: When I was just starting my practice, we had a young mother who had what we call preeclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy.
On the contrary, if the physiologic functions of the nervous system or the uterus itself are disturbed, the reaction of the mother to the stimuli of the pregnant uterus may assume an unnatural character and become pathologic and there begins late toxemia.
Intestinal toxemia botulism is an infectious form of botulism in which illness results from ingesting spores, which is followed by spore germination and intraluminal production of botulinum neurotoxins over an extended period (2).