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Noun1.toxic site - a site where toxic wastes have been dumped and the Environmental Protection Agency has designated them to be cleaned uptoxic site - a site where toxic wastes have been dumped and the Environmental Protection Agency has designated them to be cleaned up
land site, site - the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located); "a good site for the school"
orphan site - a toxic waste area where the polluter could not be identified or the polluter refused to take action or pay for the cleanup
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Depending on the type of mold, the buildings could be usable, or could be "a toxic site requiring adherence to extensive regulatory issues regarding demolition," the group said.
In response to the Superfund toxic site crisis and the resulting pollution claims that inundated insurance companies starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, insurance companies introduced pollution exclusions starting in 1986.
It will be useful to professionals who study ecological succession in disturbed areas, and to researchers who need to know the technical details of what must be done to restore the soil and plant cover of a toxic site and how long it will take.
EDR and ENFOS have partnered to deliver EDR content such as water well data, sensitive receptors, toxic site inventories, and related data packages to ENFOS clients.
CARSON -- The city council put pressure on Shell Oil to clean up a toxic site by declaring an environmental emergency in a 50-acre portion of this city, known as Carousel 50, which has 265 homes.
Aquaman was found to be the most toxic site with more than 18.
The housing development is going ahead on the toxic site - raising concerns about the safety of people who move into the homes.
Colin Wakefield, who has campaigned against the Houghton-le-Spring site for 15 years with campaign group Residents Against Toxic Site (Rats), said he could understand that most people would view the sentence as a lot of money, but to a firm the size of Biffa it seemed more like loose change.
The toxic site is then referred to as the target tissue.
This 630,000-cubic-metre blob of coal tar is the most toxic site in the Canadian Great Lakes.
The group is also believed to have cleared a proposal for clean up of the toxic site at the plant in Bhopal for burying the poisonous materials there itself.
There is no total list of every toxic site created by the Pentagon within the United States, but the number is believed to exceed 2,000.