toxic waste dump

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Noun1.toxic waste dump - a location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally)toxic waste dump - a location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally)
dumpsite, garbage dump, rubbish dump, trash dump, wasteyard, waste-yard, dump - a piece of land where waste materials are dumped
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AN MP who has campaigned for decades about a site once dubbed the UK's biggest toxic waste dump is cautiously optimistic about its future.
A lawyer by profession, Ms Caputova became known for leading a successful fight against a toxic waste dump in her hometown of Pezinok.
Over on True Entertainment you can enjoy daily repeats such as Saints and Sinners, the tale of a toxic waste dump, a hooky WEEKBUILDING development and crooked judges, lawyers and builders getting bumped off by a gunman on the loose.
After seeping chemicals from a toxic waste dump sickened hundreds of residents of Love Canal, N.Y., in 1978, Congress created the EPA-administered Superfund for hazardous waste cleanup.
Rardin said he does not want to see Otero County turned into a toxic waste dump for a myriad of reasons but most importantly because it could have negative effects to the environment.
Zuzana Caputova led a movement to seal up a toxic waste dump that has been polluting the air, water and soil near her community.
The unmanaged toxic waste dump looks like a small ' hill' from a distance.
THIS is the largest toxic waste dump in the UK linked with a fuel laundering plant capable of evading PS12.5million in taxes a year.
The company recently defended their expansion efforts in a letter to the Niagara Falls Reporter, saying the toxic waste dump provides safe disposal for manufacturers, for cleanup projects, and a lot of people depend on CWM to provide that service.
Forty years ago Stringfellow, a toxic waste dump, was closed after it was found to be seeping waste into ground water.
This is a heavy burden that requires professional solutions, including toxic waste dump stations and qualified personnel.
International investors, coming to the realization that the entire eurozone was a toxic waste dump for risky debt, were turning their backs even on more solid economies like Germany.