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Producing poison; toxicogenic.

tox′i·ge·nic′i·ty (-jə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


(Biology) producing poison


(ˌtɒk sɪˈdʒɛn ɪk)

(esp. of microorganisms) producing toxins.
tox`i•ge•nic′i•ty (-dʒəˈnɪs ɪ ti) n.
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They are potent toxigenic, carcinogenic and immunosuppressive compounds commonly found in groundnuts and groundnut products.
He also focused on the occurrence of toxigenic fungi, their morphological and molecular identification, exploration of toxigenic genes and mycotoxins-producing potential of fungi.
Contract Awarded for Double blinded randomized controlled Trial of Oral vancomycin versus placebo in hospitalized patients with diarrhea and stool toXin NEGative but nucleic acid amplification test positive for toxigenic Clostridium difficile (TOX NEG trial)
All assays were performed at the individual sites, and testing consisted of toxigenic culture and tissue culture assay.
Monitoring Water Sources for Environmental Reservoirs of Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1, Haiti
difficile samples, toxigenic strains were detected in 93% of patient samples, 66% of hospital environment swabs, and 64% of shoe samples.
These are produced as secondary metabolites principally from toxigenic strains of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus (Rashid et al.
Cholera, caused by infection with toxigenic Vibrio cholerae bacteria of serogroup O1 (>99% of global cases) or O139, is characterized by watery diarrhea that can be severe and rapidly fatal without prompt rehydration.
Fungi isolated from soil (n=145) of livestock farms (n=29) at Lahore district were characterized into pathogenic, toxigenic and phaeoid starch hydrolyzers.
An important biocontrol strategy is to introduce an atoxigenic strain to the crop environment to compete with toxigenic strain [19, 20].
aureus isolates (11 SaUTI, 5 SaRM and 21 SaRW) showed variation of toxigenic potential based on coagulase test (HP, SP and SP+HP) and DNase test.
2013) emphasize the importance of knowledge of biodiversity of toxigenic fungi to better understand factors that contribute to mycotoxin production, assessment of risks posed by mycotoxigenic fungi, and reduction of mycotoxin contamination in feed and food crops.