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Noun1.toxin antitoxin - a mixture of toxin and antitoxin used to immunize against a diseasetoxin antitoxin - a mixture of toxin and antitoxin used to immunize against a disease
immunizing agent, immunogen - any substance or organism that provokes an immune response (produces immunity) when introduced into the body
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It was performed by injection of the toxin antitoxin mixture intraperitoneally in mice or intradermally in an albino guinea pig [15].
Catalase_test ; Gelatin liquefaction test; indole test;nitrate reduction test ;Sugar_fermentation_test; hydrogen Sulphide production test (Oxoid) and litmus milk_medium [13]: Nagler's test by half antitoxin plate [35]: Typing of Clostridium perfringens toxins dermonecrotic test in albino guinea pigs Toxin antitoxin neutralization test [35]: Determination of the MLD of the prepared toxin [15]: Antibiogram sensitivity test (Oxiod): Pathological, gross and histopathological examination
In the present study, toxin antitoxin neutralization test on the skin of albino guinea pigs and lethal toxicity test I/P in mice were applied using specific antitoxin to detect and identify the toxigenic strains of C.perfringens recovered from laboratory animal.