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Includes: David Aers, "The Testimony of William Thorpe: Reflections on Self, Sin and Salvation"; Valerie Allen, "Playing Soldiers: Tournament and Toxophily in Late-Medieval England"; Julia Boffey, "Chaucer's Fortune in the 1530s: Some Sixteenth-Century Recycling"; J.
Among their topics are tournament and toxophily in late-Medieval England, some reflections of Sir Orfeo's poetic mirror of polity, the letter and spirit of Langland's theology of indulgences, and Caxton's History of Reynard the Fox.
Over time the word toxon came to refer to the mixture rather thanthe bowand arrows and eventually made its way into English meaning 'poisonous.' The original meaning, however, still survives in the word 'intoxicated, which basically just means 'poisoned',' and in our posh word for archery, 'toxophily.' And what about the 'financial crisis' we are all faced with in one way or another?