toy spaniel

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Noun1.toy spaniel - a very small spanieltoy spaniel - a very small spaniel      
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
English toy spaniel - British breed having a long silky coat and rounded head with a short upturned muzzle
King Charles spaniel - a toy English spaniel with a black-and-tan coat; named after Charles II who popularized it
papillon - small slender toy spaniel with erect ears and a black-spotted brown to white coat
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Breeds not genetically predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, such as Norfolk terrier, Berger Picard, American Staffordshire terrier, English toy spaniel, Bouvier des Flandres, Border terrier, and Havanese were found to be at highest risk.
The breeds not genetically susceptible that wound up with heart disease in summer included the Norfolk terrier, Berger Picard, English toy spaniel, Border terrier and Havanese.
The handout for the care of Sophie - a papillon toy spaniel - was revealed in the star's PS16million will.