toy spaniel

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Noun1.toy spaniel - a very small spanieltoy spaniel - a very small spaniel      
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
English toy spaniel - British breed having a long silky coat and rounded head with a short upturned muzzle
King Charles spaniel - a toy English spaniel with a black-and-tan coat; named after Charles II who popularized it
papillon - small slender toy spaniel with erect ears and a black-spotted brown to white coat
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The handout for the care of Sophie - a papillon toy spaniel - was revealed in the star's PS16million will.
Landseer's 1839 portrait of Queen Victoria's pets also features a scarlet macaw, this time watched by two royal lovebirds, Islay the Skye terrier, and Tilco the black-and-tan toy spaniel, as it demolishes a biscuit.
One of the more popular breeds at Saturday's event was the papillon, a breed of toy spaniel with long, silky, white coat with colored patches and erect or drooping ears that are fringed.