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Noun1.tra-la-la - a set of nonsensical syllables used while humming a refraintra-la-la - a set of nonsensical syllables used while humming a refrain
refrain, chorus - the part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers
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It had the fruity depth to match our tra-la-la shoo-wop TV dinner of Thai green chicken curry.
In "The Land of Tra-La-La," the stress of managing his charitable contributions becomes unbearable, so his doctor suggests he vacation where there is no money - a hidden land called Tra-La-La, where the inhabitants have never even heard of money.
Zion Memorial Orchestra And Tra-La-La Band - no it does not
The second fatal flaw, quite literally, in this bright idea is that in the golden age of schooling when we all skipped tra-la-la to school, the fastest thing on the road was an Austin Montego, which, in the terrible event it should mount the kerb and head straight for you, you had a good hour or two to sidestep it.
Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band With Choir (Constellation) ***
Mary At 45, Madge is a few years older than Mary was when she gave birth to the Baby Jesus, but she did tra-la-la Like A Virgin and is called Madonna.