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w>trace back

vizurückgehen (→ to auf +acc)
vt sep descentzurückverfolgen; rumourauf seinen Ursprung zurückverfolgen; neurosis, problem etczurückführen (→ to auf +acc); he can trace his family back to Henry VIIIseine Familie lässt sich bis zu Heinrich VIII. zurückverfolgen; we traced the story back to one of the secretarieswir fanden heraus, dass die Geschichte von einer der Sekretärinnen in die Welt gesetzt worden war
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Princes and nobles pride themselves upon lineages they can trace back some hundreds of years.
And there rises up before me all that was there foreshadowed, and I see visions of Damon and Pythias, of life-saving crews and Red Cross nurses, of martyrs and leaders of forlorn hopes, of Father Damien, and of the Christ himself, and of all the men of earth, mighty of stature, whose strength may trace back to the elemental loins of Lop-Ear and Big-Tooth and other dim denizens of the Younger World.
I thought he was now going to trace back the track of the murderer's footmarks to the vestibule window; but he led us instead, far to the left, saying that it was useless ferreting in the mud, and that he was sure, now, of the road taken by the murderer.
He had no wit to trace back the social crime to its far sources-- he could not say that it was the thing men have called "the system" that was crushing him to the earth that it was the packers, his masters, who had bought up the law of the land, and had dealt out their brutal will to him from the seat of justice.
He was now to trace back his way across the mountains by the same route by which he had come, with no other companions or escort than Ben Jones, the Kentucky hunter, and two Canadians.
More than once I have tried to picture myself in the position of a boy or man with an honoured and distinguished ancestry which I could trace back through a period of hundreds of years, and who had not only inherited a name, but fortune and a proud family homestead; and yet I have sometimes had the feeling that if I had inherited these, and had been a member of a more popular race, I should have been inclined to yield to the temptation of depending upon my ancestry and my colour to do that for me which I should do for myself.
What if the prisoner now sleeping quietly--Heaven grant it!--by the light of the great Day of judgment should trace back his fall to her.
coli 0157:H7 strain to begin a trace back of potentially contaminated meat.
Buyers will be able to trace back the origin of their milk via a new mobile application available via iPhone free-of-charge, said Skanemejerier.
The committee report accompanying the omnibus legislation stated that the funds should be used to conduct more inspections, improve trace back procedures and improve the technology needed to identify high-risk products.

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