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It never comes on the day it's supposed to (ie Christmas Day); it can be used as a weapon (an ice-laden tracer bullet, doubling as a snowball, nearly blinded me as a kid); without the winter tyres our Euro neighbours rely on, it's horrible to drive on; it's "magical" only for a couple of hours before it gets mucky and slushy; it's terrible to walk on in heels (I'm reliably informed); whenever I've gone cross-country skiing, I've ended up nearly crying with fatigue and frustration; kids get the day off school while you have to go to work....and it's cold.
Soon a length ball was dispatched like a tracer bullet to the cover boundary.
It was Malan's enthusiastic promotion of nearly halving the gun harmonization range and adopting the De Wilde version of the tracer bullet that caused most RAF pilots to adopt von Richtofen's habit of closing to near pointblank range before firing.
All those problems come from the essential element of tracers, which is a fiercely burning compound of one kind or another that is stuffed into the hollow base of a tracer bullet and ignited by the burning powder of your fired cartridge.
This guide updates "Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet" 01-4.
Di Venuto was taken to hospital after he fractured and split the ring finger on his left hand attempting to catch a ball driven like a tracer bullet by Mal Loye in the first over of the game.
The home side scored after a quarter of an hour when Wesley Hoolahan drilled home a tracer bullet of a shot.
And anyone who saw Tillakaratne Dilshan hold on to a tracer bullet at backward point from the blade of Mushfiqur Rahim will have no doubt that if Sehwag offers a chance, Sri Lanka will probably take it.
I enjoyed the chapter that covers "tracer bullet development," a technique that helps you define system objectives and start to develop code for them.
And at every point along the way Moynihan has left a trail like a tracer bullet. Legendary FBI director J.
Riki (Wessels) started off like a tracer bullet for us and then it was the Alex Hales Show.