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 (trä-so͞or′, -sœr′)
One who participates in parkour.

[French, tracer, traceur, from tracer, to trace, map out (a route), move quickly, from Old French tracier, to trace; see trace1.]
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(Gymnastics) a participant in the sport or activity of parkour
[C20: French,literally: one who traces]
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Par exemple, si Pisa est de plus en plus reduit a un outil de communication en servant surtout a etayer des prises de position publiques relativement classiques, alors on peut envisager Pisa comme un traceur efficace des dynamiques et des mecanismes du debat public en education.
In the clip, the traceur kicks things off by opting to take public transport instead of driving to his office.
Some of the notable names making an appearance at this year's event include; Mansour Al Safran, an award-winning BMX athlete who's competed in various events across the GCC; Hashem Saleh, a young and upcoming traceur and free-runner; and Petr Kraus, who is renowned in trial biking.
Not only can the new Atlas robot hop, skip and twirl in the air; it can even do backflips from an elevated place, like a parkour practitioner, or traceur.
The maximal sound produced by the traceur group was significantly (p = 0.03) lower than the recreationally trained participants during the 50% drop height (64.1dB and 70.4dB, respectively).
Some of the popular Transpilers tools are TypeScript, Babel and Traceur.
After a run-in with a mysterious "traceur" (as parkour practitioners are called) derails a delivery, leaving his bike totaled and his mind unable to think of anything else--not even the $15,000 he inexplicably owes Chinatown's most unforgiving gang boss --Cam scours the parks to find the girl who knocked him off his feet.
A person who practices parkour is generally known as a traceur, or a traceuse if she is female.
The flneur and the traceur (a Parkour practitioner) both have their origins in Paris.