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(3) Other terms also used to describe the condition include tracheocele, paratracheal air cyst, and tracheal diverticulum.
Adult tracheocele. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1994 Oct; 111(4):519-521.
Giant tracheocele following primary tracheostomy closure in a 3 year old child.
Although exceedingly rare, a TCS, or "tracheocele," is a variant of a TCF and may be addressed in a similar fashion.
He had no predisposing factor for a tracheocele, such as trumpet playing, glass blowing, intubation history, tracheostomy, pulmonary disease, or trauma to the neck.
The main features distinguishing a tracheocele are the air-filled cavity and increased size of the swelling with the Valsalva maneuver (7).
The hallmark of MKS, also known under alternative names (tracheal diverticulosis, tracheobronchiectasis, tracheocele, tracheomalacia, and tracheobronchopathia malacia), [9, 14-17] is dilatation of trachea and central bronchi with normal diameter of peripheral airways.
INTRODUCTION: Mounier Kuhn syndrome or tracheobronchiomegaly also known as tracheocele, tracheobronchiectasis and tracheomalacia is a very rare entity presenting as recurrent lower respiratory tract infection.
Tracheal diverticulum, also referred to as tracheocele, is typically discovered as an incidental finding on a radiograph, on endoscopy, or during a postmortem examination.
Differential diagnosis of internal laryngoceles Lesion Description/characteristics Saccular cyst A mucus-filled congenital cyst of the larynx; (laryngeal no communication with the laryngeal lumen; mucocele) found in infants and children Ductile cyst A simple acquired mucus retention cyst; arises in the lamina propria of the supraglottic larynx Tracheocele Communicates with the trachea; may exhibit associated bronchoceles Pseudolaryngocele Associated with advanced destructive disease (e.g., carcinoma, tuberculosis, syphilis) Table 2.
The tracheocele sac was dissected free from the surrounding tissue.
The first reported tracheocele was described by Rokitansky in 1838 as an outpouching from the right posterolateral wall of the trachea.