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One of the very small, branching tubes at the tips of the tracheae of an arthropod. Oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse through the walls of the tracheoles.

[New Latin trāchēola, diminutive of Medieval Latin trāchēa, trachea; see trachea.]

tra·che′o·lar (-ə-lər) adj.


(Zoology) of or relating to the tracheole
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Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) aquaporin, present in tracheolar cells, transports water, not glycerol, and forms orthogonal arrays in Xenopus oocyte membranes.
Pickard, "Transition regime diffusion and the structure of the insect tracheolar system," Journal of Insect Physiology, vol.
L: lumen, m: muscle, n: nucleus, t: trachea and tracheolar cells.
The unfed mosquitoes collected through different sampling techniques were dissected for ovaries as per WHO technique based on distended tracheolar skeins and were categorized as parous and nulliparous.