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n. pl. tra·che·os·co·pies
Examination of the interior of the trachea, as with a bronchoscope.

tra′che·o·scop′ic (-ə-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
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n, pl -pies
(Medicine) an examination or inspection of the trachea
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(3) Recurrence rates appear high with conservative and endoscopic approaches, which consist of endotracheal, parenteral, and/or oral application of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs, drug nebulization, tracheoscopic and manual removal of excessive tissues, balloon catheter dilation, or a combination of several nonoperative measures.
The tracheoscopic examination revealed subglottic stenosis, edema, and inflammation at the level of second and third tracheal rings.
is the company behind an innovative tracheoscopic ventilation tube (TVT).
Rather than run the risk of changing the endotracheal tube, a tracheostomy was performed after tracheoscopic examination via the endotracheal tube 2 days after ingestion demonstrated that the lower trachea and major bronchi were uninjured.